Simple Yet Stunning: Meet Kosas LipFuel

I love on-the-go makeup products, mascaras and lip balms that I can easily apply in my car or a restaurant bathroom to quickly refresh my look. In summer weather, it is particularly useful to have products that are light, natural, and do not melt in the heat. I recently discovered Kosas LipFuel, which is a tinted lip balm product. 

Kosas LipFuel is a hydrating and plumping lip balm made to improve the condition of your lips each time you wear it. It is made with hyaluronic acid to moisturize dry lips. I highly recommend the tinted shades of this product (my personal favorite is Rush) because it has the feel of a balm but the look of a sheer lipstick. 

I swipe on a layer of LipFuel anytime I have a packed schedule but want to look and feel my best. When I am meeting a friend for coffee after a workout class, it is convenient to have a product that is practical, yet also makes me feel more put together. 

LipFuel receives rave reviews on Sephora; one user said that the “hydration is immediate” and makes her “constantly dry lips actually look plump.” Another reviewer commented that the “shape is perfect for a clean swipe of product” and the color is “sheer enough that a light swipe looks totally natural but adding a second layer adds more depth of color.” This product is extremely flexible — it can be used lightly for a natural look or even worn at night with going-out makeup. 

Kosas’ brand prides themselves on their clean ingredients. They have banned over 2,700 ingredients and adhere to Sephora and Credo’s clean beauty standards. They are formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, dalc, aluminum, BHA, and more. Instead, they use ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E in LipFuel for clean, comfortable beauty. 

LipFuel is the ultimate summer lip product to keep in your purse when out and about. It is moisturizing, bright, and comfortable to wear throughout the day. 


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