Sneaker Wedges: To run or to saunter?

Every day, more and more women are seen wearing their sneakers to work, school, shopping, or wherever else their day might take them. Are the women of New York City on a new health kick? As if. A new fashion kick, however, is more likely. These are not your typical sneakers. These kicks have a built in wedge that not only adds a stylish flare and level of dress to your sneaker, but they elongate and flatter the leg as well. Finally, there’s a way to be comfy and cute without looking like you’re on your way to bed or the gym. Credit for this fashion trend goes to designer Isabel Marant, who works to combine fashion with comfort—a feat sometimes considered impossible, as we’ve all heard the phrase “beauty is pain.” Thanks to Marant’s flagship design, beauty is now accessible literally on the run. Although Marant’s version of the shoe goes for a hefty $300, so many brands have followed suit that even our most frugal fashionistas can afford to buy themselves a pair. These versatile shoes can be paired with nearly any and all cuts and color of denim, dress pants, and even skirts and dresses, which as we know would be a major fashion faux-pas with traditional sneakers. Ladies, prepare yourselves to be unprepared. No need to buy an outfit to fit these shoes, they will fit nearly anything in your closet! Personally, I am on my third pair. I wear them to work, on dates, on errands, anywhere where I need to look cute, yet stay comfortable. From bedazzled and embellished, to simple and conventional, every girl can find a pair to fit her style personally. Ironically, the only place where these high heels fall short is at the gym.


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