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Here we are in the last week of July and coronavirus has not slowed down a bit. It has been suggested by doctors, scientists, and some government officials, that the country may need to have a second shut down. With many companies allowed to reopen back in May and June, Broadway theaters were still not one of them. Broadway theaters are still struggling and are one of the most affected businesses hit during the pandemic.

BROADWAYHD has come to offer more support to Broadway fans who miss watching and singing along to their favorite Broadway shows. BROADWAYHD is an online streaming service with a mission to promote and preserve live theatre. Starting customers with a 7-day free trial and an $8.99 monthly fee after the free trial, you can watch and watch again all the live theatres plays you want! You can stream shows via laptop, phone, tablet, or TV. It is compatible with IOS, Apple TV, Android, Roku, Amazon Firestick, and online. The live plays are also ad-free during viewing, just like on stage and there are hundreds of productions to choose from on BROADWAYHD.

If you’re a theatre lover and you’re stuck at home missing your classic plays or interested in enjoying some newer plays BROADWAYHD is the way to watch live, safely.


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