Surf & Turf: On A Whole New Level

Longhorn Steakhouse has definitely put a creative spin on a traditional surf & turf dish this holiday season. The new lobster stuffed filet topped with a garlic crusted half-lobster tail and an aged white cheddar and bacon stuffed filet have got the food industry buzzing into the new year. Now, I’ve had surf & turf before but I have never seen it on this scale. When this dish was put on a plate in front of me, I was immediately intimidated by its size. I mean it’s the megatron of surf & turfs!
However, the size wasn’t the only major thing about this dish. The flavor of this dish is why food fanatics are continuously praising this item. The lobster is seasoned just right with garlic and cooked to perfection while the filet is cooked just the way you like it, stuffed with savory cheese and bacon, and served with a side of vegetables. I dare you to try to put down your fork! Longhorn took the best of both worlds and made an iconic dish that you just have to try for yourself.


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