Tebow: Quarterbackless

Tim Tebow has certainly been experiencing a tumultuous year of ups and downs. The man who’s signature pose went viral has now spent his last year on the bottom rung with Rex Ryan and the New York Jets, a mix that apparently was doomed from day one. It seems that despite the fact that Tebow bent to every one of Ryan’s requests, he is still not getting the respect he deserves as an NFL super star. Even after Sanchez has proved himself unworthy of being the Jets’ quarterback (we might as well call him a nickelback at this point), Tebow still wasn’t picked to replace him and remains the teams most famous and expensive benchwarmer. Finally, Tebow has begun to protest his mistreatment and reportedly refused to play in the Wildcat offense on Sunday. I applaud Tebow on his stance. Perhaps his last two coaches have not deemed him the best football player in the NFL, and he hasn’t been pulling the same scores that he had in the past, but that is no excuse for the treatment he received from Ryan. It is time to stop using Tebow’s wholesome reputation as an image booster and let the man play some football already. Fight for your rights, Tebow! We stand behind you.


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