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The Avengers Assembled for a Great Opening Weekend

This movie was incredible in so many ways, from the cast that each manages to give a wonderful performance (even though Robert Downey Jr. stole every scene he was in) throughout this whole film. What made this film work so well is that it had movies leading up to it so we don’t have to worry about filling the movie with too much back story, but even if you haven’t seen the previous films before, no need to worry about it because on how different these characters are and also how well they’re are develop that you will still have an idea on who these characters are. Tom Hiddleston does a wonderful job playing Loki even with a silly costume, he portrays a great villain to the avengers, feeding into this character to give dialogue scene with the other characters. Director Joss Whedon does so a fantastic job balancing the movie, delivering well-shot action scenes as well as a great scene for character development not to mention a great build-up to the climax to the movie. Speaking of the climax, this is what transformers movie franchise should have done. Showing the entire battle but still, show us what is going on.
This movie does so much so right, from actors portraying the characters to wonderful dialogue scenes to awesome climax to the movie. It is definitely worth seeing again and seeing it in 3D is ok, they don’t shove the 3D effects to the audience face like most others, but it’s just as good as seeing it in 2D. The Avengers is in theaters now, go see it and enjoy this action flick.


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