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“The Batman,” or How Robert Pattinson Turned His Career Around

“The Batman,” directed by Matt Reeves, is coming to the theaters on March 3rd. With only eight days until its highly expected release, here’s what we know so far:

The latest rendition of Batman will be almost 3 hours long. It will tap into Batman’s origins as Bruce goes after a series of mysterious clues, learns about Gotham’s corruption net, and reconciles with the loss of his family and their possible part in what Gotham City is today.  

We will get to see the Riddle, the Penguin, and Catwoman all together in this dark and gloomy tale. 

Why Robert Pattinson?

When fans first heard that Pattinson had been chosen for winged knight they were not so hyped. Edward Cullen, really?

But even though “Twilight” is what many of us think of when the name of Pattinson comes to mind, the actor has done an amazing job polishing his technique and helping bring dimension to complex characters.

In a recent interview, director Matt Reeves referred to the reasons for his casting choice: “I feel like the work that he’s done in the last, I don’t know, six years has been incredible. A friend of mine made a movie called The Lost City of Z, and Rob appeared in that movie and I was like ‘who is that guy?’ Just such charisma, and he, Rob in the movie has this incredible beard and you were like ‘who is that?’ and it’s Rob. And Rob in the Rover, and Rob in Good Time, he is like a chameleon…he’s just a gifted actor.”

For those who wish to see Pattinson in more mature roles, we also recommend “The Lighthouse” of 2019, where he gives life to a lighthouse keeper in the 19th century battling to hold on to his sanity in the unfavorable weather conditions of a remote and mysterious island. He really gives it his all in this performance. 

Back to “The Batman,” there are two movie trailers and a teaser called “The Bat and The Cat” where we can get a glimpse of the action that awaits us in almost a little more than a week.   

Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, and Colin Farrel will also be starring alongside Rob Pattison as Catwoman, Riddle, and The Penguin respectively.


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