The Bridal Trend of 2022 is Unconventional

Wedding season is finally here, and the trend of the year seems to be whatever you want. Out with what is conventional and classic, brides seem to be embracing unique looks. From celebrities to collections, there seems to be a collective consensus that the traditional white dresses are not what is trendy. 

In probably one of the biggest weddings of the year, the marriage of  Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, we saw several unique looks from the bride. Taking inspiration from catholic iconography and combining it with a corseted Dolce and Gabbana mini dress, Kourtney gave us a timeless and unique look at her wedding. 

Chloë Sevigny’s wedding, and particularly her array of unique custom dresses also took advantage of this trend. Sevigny wore a total of 3 looks at her wedding, all romantic and fashionable pieces of art. For her ceremony, she wore a Jean Paul Gaultier SS22 Couture Gown, a light pink slipcovered in white tule and ruffled sleeves. All three of her looks were more Avant-guard takes on a traditional wedding look. 

Celebrities aren’t the only ones setting this trend, collections and bridal stores are offering more non-traditional options this year. David’s bridal is now offering black versions of some of their most popular gowns for the first time after customer demands for dark gowns have increased. 

Pinterest reported that the search for “dark wedding ideas” increased 59 times from 2021 to 2022 among the Gen Z age group. Former weddings director at Harper’s Bazaar, Carrie L. Goldberg, speculates that because the pandemic gave people more time along, they began to realize that a wedding is for them. 

People who are picking out their wedding dresses, and styling their weddings in general, are moving away from all of the “have-to” traditions and choosing aesthetics and styles that they love. White is simply not everyone’s favorite color, and the modern bride is starting to look beyond tradition to focus on what a wedding truly means: a celebration of love that is for you.


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