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New York Music Month

The city that never sleeps is writing! New York declared songwriters’ music capital by Anti-Social Camp 2024

Something loud is coming to the Big Apple! From June 10th to June 15th, the largest songwriting camp in the world will descend upon New York. Drawing in numerous songwriters, producers, and artists, the Anti-Social Camp forms groups of three, assigning one member from each group to collaborate and create something fresh and thrilling.

Considering the event’s emphasis on camaraderie and collaboration, the name is ironically humorous.

Danny Ross, the founder of the Anti-Social Camp, explained to Forbes that the primary focus of music creation at the camp revolves around talent and potential. Beyond merely producing and sharing music, Ross envisions his creation as an opportunity for participants to forge new connections with individuals they might never have encountered otherwise.

The Anti-Social Camp isn’t just attracting aspiring songwriters, producers, and artists; it’s also drawing notable figures from the industry, providing attendees with an extra boost of confidence. According to Forbes, luminaries such as Jacob Collier, Miranda Lambert, and Rob Thomas are slated to make appearances. The chance to see and interact with such prominent industry figures will undoubtedly inspire Anti-Social Camp participants and potentially provide answers to any burning questions they may have.

Despite being a relatively new event, the camp has garnered significant popularity, with Ross anticipating over 100 recording sessions this year. However, while music creation is a central goal of the event, it appears that enhanced collaboration and creativity are the main objectives of the five-day affair.

While some projects may be feasible to complete independently, others necessitate collaboration. In the realm of music, cooperation and teamwork are essential for achieving success. This understanding is something Mr. Ross not only recognizes but also encourages. With ample time for creative exploration, a positive atmosphere among attendees, and an abundance of music to share, the Anti-Social Camp promises to be an unforgettable experience for all involved in the music-making process.


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