The Company You Keep

Shia LaBeouf might wanna give the bottle a rest for a bit, after his intoxicated fight this past weekend. Although, he didn’t seem to be throwing the punches; he was the one taking the hit as he was too drunk to defend himself. It occurred right after getting kicked out of the Cinema Public House in Vancouver, along with some friends and the shirtless man who beat him while he was down. He’s been frequenting the Cinema Public House, while filming his upcoming movie, “The Company You Keep”. In the film Shia plays an ambitious reporter who exposes the identity of a militant who’s been on the run from the FBI for 30 years. It also stars Robert Redford and Nick Nolte. Shia may have gotten his role a bit confused in this one. Or perhaps he may want to think twice about the company he’s keeping. But then again this isn’t the first time Shia has been caught in a bar fight, he’s also had 2 alcohol related arrests. Maybe we should call the Transformers for reinforcements. Hopefully his new shiner doesn’t delay filming, although his scruff is covering it up for now. I know ladies, so sad; he’s so cute, why does he insist on ruining that baby face? But hey if you’re into the bad boy type, go for it.


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