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Three vintage singers I feel my generation should get to know more about (Op-Ed)

A lot of the artists of today are absolutely phenomenal and talented, but as a member of Gen Z, I’ve come to like older music and artists equally as much as I like artists of my time. I gave older music a shot during COVID-19 when I was bored at home, and didn’t have much to do. It all started when I began listening to some old-school jazz music which subsequently led me to discover some pretty good artists, I also came to like some of the music from older artists that I knew but never gave their music a try.

The three legendary vintage artists that I discovered or came to like more were: Sade, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson.

When I tell people about Sade, and they don’t know her I am honestly dismayed because Sade has one of the most sensual, unique, and gorgeous voices I have ever come across. Sade, 65, is a Nigerian-born British singer, she has sold roughly over 40 million albums worldwide, has won 4 Grammy Awards, and is one of the most successful British artists of all time! She is known for her singles “Smooth Operator” (1984) and “Ordinary Love” (1992). These were actually the songs I ran into, and I instantly fell in love with her.

Firstly, her instrumentals are incredible, her music is a fusion of jazz and pop with a good amount of rock elements thrown in there. Her lyrics are very catchy and rhythmic, and you can easily sing along, but what drove me crazy was this woman’s voice! She has a raspy, alto, sensual feminine voice, and she reminds me very much of American singers Alicia Keys and Amber Mark.

Since Michael Jackson is one of the highest-selling, famous, and successful American artists, I obviously knew ABOUT him, but I didn’t listen to his music. It wasn’t until COVID-19 that I discovered that I was truly missing out. Michael Jackson honestly needs no introduction; he was known as the “King of Pop,” has sold well over 340 million records making him one of the top solo artists of all time, and has won countless awards as well as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The songs that first drew me to Michael were his songs “In the Closet” (1991), “Remember the Time” (1991), and “Rock My World” (2001). The first song of Mr. Jackson’s that I heard was “Rock My World,” and I was instantly enamored with the R&B and Pop fusion his music has as well as his soulful, passionate, and strong male voice. When I discovered “Rock My World,” I also realized that it was released in the year I was born, so I thought that was also very cool.

The last artist I came to know and love was Whitney Houston. Just like Michael Jackson, she was very successful and well-known, so I knew about her, but I had never given her music a try until 2020. Houston was an American singer-songwriter who has sold over 200 million records and has won numerous awards! The songs that made me really fall in love with her were her singles, “I Have Nothing” (1992), “Run to You” (2000), and “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay” (1998).

I began to listen to a lot more of her songs, and I am proud to say I am a fan of hers as I liked a lot of her music. First of all, her voice is one of the strongest, most powerful female voices I have ever heard. In 2020, I finally understood what all that talk about her incredible voice was about, because it was honestly truly incredible! Her upbeat music is super, catchy, and danceable while her romantic music is more soothing and beautiful. 

So, guys, if you were born in 1997 or later, please don’t be ashamed or scared to check out older music artists. From my experience, half the time they are even better than newer artists!


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