Wardrobe Malfunction

Is that a tissue on your chest, Katy Perry? Arriving at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, Katy exposed a little bit too much last night. This is probably the first time that Katy had a problem with her design in public. The “Wide Awake” singer had two small accidents earlier this year. She recently showed too much in a skintight nude body suit, and also almost fell out of her gown. However, this latest instance can be called a “full-blown” wardrobe malfunction.
Perry arrived at the famous hotel after partying with Justin Bieber and Robert Pattison, just to continue the party, which followed the L.A. premiere of her 3D concert film “Part of Me”. She wore a strapless, blue polka dot, black dress, which slid down slightly too low. Unfortunately, the dress revealed a part of her either strapless bra or perhaps even a tissue. Whether it was an extra push up bra or a tissue- Katy you really don’t need it.


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