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Photo Credit: Damien Chazelle

Why La La Land will forever remain unforgettable (Op-Ed)

Some movies stand out from the broad cinematic landscape and become masterpieces that people talk about for years to come. Among them, “La La Land” shines as an example of cinematic genius, a film that fans all over the globe will remember fondly for all time. But what exactly is it about “La La Land” that makes it such a memorable movie?

Above all else, the film’s score and cinematography do a fantastic job of immersing the audience in the fantastical world its characters live. Every setting, from the lively streets of Los Angeles to the beautiful background of Griffith Observatory, is painstakingly designed to capture the glitz and glamour of yesteryear Hollywood. At key points in the plot, the music reflects the characters’ deepest thoughts and feelings, drawing the listener into a tornado of emotions and imagination with its tragic lyrics and hauntingly nostalgic melodies.

The story of “La La Land” is exquisitely constructed and moves with ease, immersing the audience in the lives of Mia and Sebastian, two dreamers whose paths cross in surprising ways. There is an undeniable spark between them, and their love story is moving and authentic. Amidst the glitz and tragedy of a metropolis, the film follows their journey as it delves into the ambivalent nature of love and the challenges of following one’s aspirations.

The unvarnished depiction of relational complexity and the inevitable life turns, and twists is what makes “La La Land” stand out. That even the sincerest relationships may crumble under the weight of uncontrollable external forces and situations is shown by the film’s unflinching depiction of the dirty, raw truth of love. Still, there is a deep knowledge and acceptance, a realization that life is wonderful despite its flaws, even in the middle of the anguish of unmet hopes and lost chances.

Perhaps the most moving part of “La La Land” is the last scene, which sums up the film’s ideas so well. Viewers are reminded of the transience of love and the lingering ghost of potential as Mia and Sebastian exchange a last look, their eyes betraying a mix of yearning and sorrow. As we face the bitter truth of unrequited love and unrealized promise, it is a poignant and moving moment that evokes sentiments of loss and longing.

The goal of “La La Land” is not only to entertain; rather, it aims to reflect on and honor the human condition via its depiction of the joys and sorrows that accompany the search for love and fulfillment of one’s goals. This proves once and for all that movies may take us to strange new places and stir up feelings long dormant in our hearts. Although Mia and Sebastian’s narrative is filled with sadness and sorrow, it is also a story of strength and hope – a classic that will be loved by people of all ages. 


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