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How Latin music is ruling the place (Op-Ed)

The number of Hispanics living in the US topped 59 million in 2020. Mexico was the homeland of around 61.5% of them. Cuba and Puerto Rico, both in the Caribbean, followed closely after, with 3.93% and 9.6% of the population, respectively. Particularly in the field of music, this change in demographics has had a profound effect on cultural aspects.

Various social contexts, especially special celebrations and get-togethers, now include Latin music, notably reggaeton. The catchy beats, memorable lyrics, and capacity to become a social media sensation are the hallmarks of reggaeton. These qualities make it very attractive to people of all ages all around the globe.

Reggaeton is defined in part by the artists’ tendency to work together, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). After a song has been sung by one performer in Spanish, it is common for it to be remixed several times, sometimes even with English verses. This shows that the music may have two sides to it, which makes it more accessible to a wider range of listeners.

These songs are perfect for entertainment venues like parties and gatherings because of their extraordinary capacity to lift spirits in social situations. With their upbeat music and memorable lyrics, they bring the crowd alive, making everyone feel better about themselves and the world around them.

Latin music, and reggaeton, has an aura about it that no other style can equal. It enhances the pleasure of social events with its throbbing rhythms and strong tunes, which make dancing impossible to resist. Many people find that the memorable lyrics strike a chord with them, and the songs end up becoming anthems of joy and solidarity.

More than simply a passing fad, the global popularity of Latin music—and reggaeton in particular—is a unifying cultural phenomenon that knows no boundaries and brings people together. The power it must stir emotions, liven up gatherings, and bring people together highlights its relevance in our multiethnic modern world. Latin music’s impact on cultural expression and social dynamics will surely last if it is popular.


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