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Why “The Interview” Is Something To Watch Again

I first watched The Interview movie a few years ago after it debuted in 2014. Since then I’ve watched it again on Hulu. Watching this movie again for a laugh, during the pandemic, I found it very intriguing how much it relates to now, six-years later. The Interview is about a TV-show host, Dave Skylark, played by James Franco, and producer, Aaron Rapoport, played by Seth Rogen, who gets an interview with North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un, who is played by, Randall Park. They’re looking for their first real break and interview to become real journalists. The interview with Kim Jong-un is the most serious interview and a highlight of both the host and producer career, if it goes right. The entire country has plans to tune in to their interview with Kim Jong-un to find out about war, nuclear weapons, an apology, or new details about the United States and North Korea’s relationship.

However, when the CIA discovers that this interview has been set up and is planned to take place, they step into the original plan. The CIA then recruits and used the two men to complete an important mission. That mission is to destroy the enemy, which is Kim Jong-un. The United States and North Korea have been enemies for some time now. The United States were using Skylark and Rapaport to go undercover and destroy the North Korean dictator to avoid a war with the United States.

Fast forward to today. Today Kim Jong-un announced that “no more war on this earth” meaning that his nuclear weapons guarantee there will be no more war. Media outlets have reported on this including CNN, New York Post, ABC, and Republic. I find this correlation between the movie and current events to be very similar and ironic during these times. Yes, the movie is under a comedy undertone and will have you laughing but the overall message and mission may put you in a deeper thought process.

Although in “The Interview” movie Kim Jong-un turned out to be a soft person with a soft spot, his position was still to not allow the United States to get close and remain in control.

The Interview is Rated R and is about two hours long. You can check out The Interview on Hulu today! Here’s a preview of the movie before you dive in.


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