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10 Fashion Trends That Should Never Make A Comeback

Fashion trends are constantly changing as time passes. Trends like flared leggings and retro shoes are just examples of amazing fashion stables that have been seen making a comeback recently. Although there are many cool trends popping up again, some trends are meant to stay in the past. From Capri pants to shoulder pads, here are 10 fashion trends that we are all guilty of wearing, but should never make a comeback.

  1. Low Rise Jeans 

This one might be a little controversial considering that they actually are making a slight comeback. To me, it’s all about comfort, and low rise jeans are anything but comfortable. Are they cute? Yeah maybe. But why not wear a pair of high waisted mom jeans that are cute and comfortable! 

  1. Leggings Under Shorts 

I understand that you still want to wear your cute shorts even though it’s cold outside, but putting leggings under them is not the right call. Are they cute separately? For sure. Should they be worn together? Never ever again. 

  1. Anything Ed Hardy 

Ed Hardy was the brand that everyone was wearing back in the early 2000’s. From the Kardashians, to the Jonas Brothers, you would see the iconic Ed Hardy design everywhere. Let’s keep that design in the early 2000’s though – no need to bring back those dreadful tshirts back into the fashion world. 

  1. Denim on Denim 

Denim on Denim on Denim is just not it. Unless you are Britney Spears, go ahead and put the denim outfit away. 

  1. Shrugs

Shrugs. This was an unnecessary add on to every early 2000’s outfit. It’s like a cropped, sleeveless cardigan. No point, you might as well just wear a sweater vest. 

  1. News Boy Hats

10-year–old me was absolutely obsessed with news boy hats. You could see celebrities everywhere wearing news boy hats….definitely a bold move!

  1. Shoulder Pads

Trendy in the 80’s, everyone was wearing shoulder pads. We can totally see how shoulder pads were able to give women confidence and empowerment back in the 80’s. Now in 2022, we know that women are powerful, strong people, and that you don’t have to look masculine in order to be considered so. There are other trends out there that will make any woman look like a girl boss. 

  1. Dress over Jeans

This is one of the worst crimes in fashion that there has ever been. A dress over jeans???? It’s worse than leggings under shorts. If you were born sometime between the 90’s and very early 2000’s, you were probably guilty of this one, but let’s be honest, we’d all happy to see this trend be gone forever. 

  1. Capri Pants

I’m definitely guilty of this one. You would see a 12 year old me wearing capri pants everywhere and anywhere. Capri pants are longer than shorts, but not long enough to be considered a pair of jeans. Looking back at it, it just seems like an awkward piece of clothing. 

  1. Real Fur

Why shouldn’t this trend come back? Considering cute precious animals that were treated inhumanely, this trend can disappear forever! Plus, there is faux fur, which is the same thing and you are saving an animal’s life.


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