Party Promoter of the Month for June 2020


There was a time in New York City’s history, back in the heady days of “a few years ago,” when nightlife queen Amy Sacco’s life was a worthy item of gossip. She was at the center of an entire universe of celebrities at their most glittering. Today, she’s worth chronicling mostly as the living embodiment of the transience of nightlife fame. And a new profile of her in Page Six Magazine (by former Gawker-er Joshua David Stein) can be seen as a grand requiem for Sacco and her Bungalow 8-driven empire. Nothing lasts forever… Sacco’s rise to fame is familiar by now. She’s just a Jersey girl who came to New York City, worked in the restaurant business, and made some important friends who eventually bankrolled her first club, Lot 61. She hit her peak with the opening of Bungalow 8 in 2001, which succeeded in turning the once-barren area of West Chelsea into the club capital of New York-to the point of destroying the exclusivity and isolation of the neighborhood that helped attract the top models and A-list celebrities to Sacco’s clubs in the first place. But Sacco’s more recent history is one of unmistakable decline. She opened a Bungalow 8 in London, which received (and still receives) a tepid reception from the locals. Bette, the restaurant Sacco opened as a “neighborhood joint” near her own Chelsea apartment, closed without warning earlier this summer. She got a slew of nightlife and image consulting jobs that, while lucrative, aren’t nearly as glamorous as her former life as an NYC tastemaker.

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