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BPM Entertainment Teases New K-Pop Group Members

An upcoming KPop group has teased its members on Thursday, ahead of its 2024 debut. According to NME, Big Planet Made Entertainment (BPM) revealed the KPop group BadVillain on April 4.

Shortly after, BPM Entertainment revealed that BadVillain would consist of seven members. The teaser released this Thursday showcases the first four group members: Kelly, Chloe Young, INA, and HUE. While each member had their trailer, two members in particular, Chloe Young and HUE, stood out for many fans.

Chloe Young was previously known as a member of the 1MILLION dance crew. As for HueKim Inhye aka HUE, she was known as a contestant in the My Teenage Girl reality competition produced by the South Korean Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC). My Teenage Girl was made to form a global seven-member girl group with the winning contestants. HueKim has joined BadVillain under the stage name HUE. 

It’s unknown when the rest of the group’s members will be officially showcased; fans across the Internet are eager to know more. Big Planet Made Entertainment had already given fans a glimpse at the entire group in dance videos of two of their songs ‘Hurricane’ and ‘+82’ on May 5th.

That said, not every fan was ecstatic about the announcement of BadVillain. Following the announcement in April, many fans of VIVIZ were worried that the introduction of a new girl group would put less attention on VIVZ. Regardless, this wariness isn’t stopping people from being intrigued by the new girl group.

While the initial teaser gave potential viewers an inkling of the type of group BadVillain was going to be, the performance videos gave fans a decent overview, with fans slowly being won over by their confidence and strong choreography despite being a rookie group.

BPM Entertainment, despite being relatively young in the industry, is no stranger to girl groups. Previously to BadVillain, the company was well known for its only trio girl group VIVIZ. Outside of VIVIZ, BPM Entertainment is known as the home company of Taemin,  Lee Mu-jin, Ren, and more.

Currently, the group’s official debut date remains unknown. That said, BPM Entertainment reported in its initial April announcement that the group would debut sometime in the first half of 2024.


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