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Carla Morrison Softens Mexican Beats With Her Original Songs

From Tecate, Mexico, Carla Morrison has been well-lived across the States. Her song “Eres Tú,” appeared in the popular tv show Jane the Virgin. Her lifetime as a singer earned her multiple awards and nominations, including two Grammy Award nominations.

Morrison lived in Tecate during her early life. The moved to Phoenix to study music at the Mesa Community College and later dropped out to perform with the band Babaluca.

When Morrison sings, listeners couldn’t help but get absorbed by her charming soft voice. Morrison’s songs bring out the deep feelings in all of us from the melody to the lyrics. She said, “I feel that people that listen to my music are intense because they want to feel. They want to feel alive, question everything and face the truth.”

Morrison is focused on making music that connects with the soul. Some experiences can be painful, but Morrison’s topics on heartbreak, desire, and sorrow projects a light at the end of each journey. She said, “I’ve always been aware that life is a miracle and that emotions and relationships and our journey through life are so important and special. So I try to keep this in mind when I write songs.”

Morrison has all the talents to acquire her music in a bigger label, but she prefers working independently because it allows her to control and understand what is going on with her music. There, she knows that her music is valued as it is instead of following what others want to change in her melodies. Because she chose the independent route, she is able to share her knowledge to other artists who want to show their work to the world, she provides advice and continues learning how to manage her own musical business.

With so many of her songs focused on romantic love, Morrison states, “Love has a lot of angles and a lot of different colours and grey areas…not every relationship is perfect.”

As singing is a demanding job, Morrison took a break away from music to hang out with friends and family and be in the moment in her adventures. She would learn how to cook and program music. She stresses that it is important to have time for yourself, and so she is dedicating herself to see other concerts and do arts and crafts for fun.

“I feel more confident; I feel more beautiful; I feel more special; I feel unique; I feel calm and tranquil with the person I’ve become and have always been.” – Carla Morrison.


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