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Cheaper Options for This Year’s Thanksgiving Dinner

Surely you have heard that turkeys are going to be pricey this year, as well as many other high-demand, traditional Thanksgiving foods. While some people are against straying away from tradition, if you’re looking to save some cash on this year’s feast, here are some alternatives to feed a large number of people. 

  1. Cook Some Pasta

I have had pasta on Thanksgiving more than one time. It can feed a large number of people and it tends to cook a lot faster than the traditional foods. If you find you haven’t made enough, cook some more, it only takes a few minutes. You can buy sauces already made or try out a family recipe. There might be less variety, but it can save everyone a little cash. It also freezes well if there are leftovers. 

  1. Pick Up Your Meal

Many restaurants offer Thanksgiving packages that can be picked up the day of the holiday, or days before. While they may seem expensive on the price tag, it is cheaper than going out and buying the individual ingredients and putting the meal together yourself. Families can split the cost, making it fair pricing for those who do and do not cook. It is also a major time saver.

  1. Emphasize the Vegetables

Though roasts, turkey, chickens, and meat in general seem to be the center of the Thanksgiving meal, those are where highest prices are anticipated this season. Try picking one meat and focus the rest of the meal on casseroles, greens, and desserts. It might be less protein but it can prove to be more affordable.

Traditional meals may be desired, but it might not be easy this year. Try exploring these other options to have a less stressful holiday.

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