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European Sensation, the xx, Is Changing Their Sound

On their self titled debut album, the xx delivered a whopping to audiences with the purring voices of Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim. Though they lack a drummer, the xx seemed to do what other bands didn’t: they manipulated the light, airy negative space better than anyone else around. Now, on their latest single, the xx seems to have done something new. Angels, off their new album Coexist, has everything we ever loved about the band, Madley Croft’s airy voice at the front of the track and loads of empty space to create intimacy with the audience. But then, a distant snare rolls into the background, providing an ominous element that is different than any of their other tracks. Perhaps this is an indication of a style evolution. We just hope they don’t change too much because we’ve grown to love them just as they are.


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