Fist bumps Healthier Than Handshakes

While the fist bump may not be quite as accepted as a handshake in most social situations, those who wish to live a healthier life may wish to reconsider. David Whitworth, a senior lecturer in biochemistry at the UK’s Aberystwyth University-Ceredigion, studied the various greetings and, in a study published this week in the American Journal of Infection Control, said, “a short, sweet fist bump will transmit the least bacteria.” In fact, a handshake was found to transmit approximately 10 times more bacteria than a fist bump and two times more than a high five. Gross! It will be interesting to see if this study really changes the way we greet each other. Can you imagine a world in which a job interview ends with a fist bump or a high five? Neither can we but stranger things have happened for sure.


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