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Game of Thrones May End with a Movie on the Big Screen

George R.R. Martin says he would love to end the series with a movie on the big screen after season 8. The 65-year-old writer of the popular book series recently stated that If we go seven or eight seasons and then the show is still big enough that we can get the $200 million to finance a huge epic movie to end it … sure!” Martin has shown his frustration with the budget of the HBO series before stating that the limitations of $6 million per episode do not allow for his stories to truly come to life, particularly in the case of battle scenes. We still run into budgetary problems. We’ve done a couple of great battles, for example, the Black Water battle in season two that I scripted and in this past season, episode nine was one long battle – the Battle of the Wall. Those have been great episodes, but we’ve also had to skip half the battles.” Calling all GOT fans, would you want the series to end on the big screen? Let us know what you think!


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