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“House of Gucci” movie may help brand’s vintage sales

“House of Gucci,” a movie starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver, retells the sensational story of
Maurizio Gucci and his ex-wife, Patrizia Reggiani, who plotted his murder in 1995. This highly
anticipated film may help bring the brand back from COVID setbacks.
The movie is slated for release in November; however, stills of the movie and behind-the-scenes
looks have been widely circulating online, with viewers commenting on the vintage Gucci pieces
being worn. While Gucci, the luxury fashion house based in Florence, Italy, isn’t directly
involved with the film, the brand has made its collection of archived vintage pieces available to
the cast. The use of these vintage Gucci designs and pieces have added an additional element of
authenticity and elegance.
In one photo, the public can see Adam Driver in a luxurious cream-colored ski suit and a chunky
turtleneck knit sweater. While in another, Lady Gaga was seen photographed in a gorgeous
wedding dress with a veil that was so long that it shocked the public.
Liana Satenstein, a senior fashion writer for Vogue.com, describes the photos as “gaudy, bawdy,
aggressively Italian, and most importantly seem to have all the ingredients necessary to make an
incredible motion picture.” Satenstein also claims that “House of Gucci” will bring in the
resurgence of vintage Gucci pieces, with styles dating back to before the Tom Ford era.
“The clothes remind me of WASPs but infused with Italian passion,” Satenstein writes. “A
hardware horsebit here, buffed leather there, and big ole monogram all over. The classic pieces
have endured. The leather loafers, Jackie Bag, bamboo handles, and floral silk scarves are still
perennially Gucci.”
Satenstein tells readers that it may be worth their time to look up vintage 70’s and 80’s Gucci in
preparation for the movie’s premiere, expecting the retro styles to make a comeback after
“Gucci is all too familiar with falling in and out of love,” writes SCMP. “The Italian label’s
relationship with consumers has long traced the arc of wild infatuation followed by languishing
interest before a new creative mind rekindles the romance.”

In 2020, Gucci’s sales dropped for the first time in six years, with their designs and pieces not
being seen as desirable for the new work-from-home experience. However, Gucci will be
celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and with the help of the new movie “House of
Gucci,” all eyes will hopefully turn back to the iconic brand.
“This movie release is very good for Gucci,” said Gaschoucha Kretz, an associate marketing
professor at HEC Paris. “The brand DNA won’t be hurt since it has an exceptional cast playing
in a glamorous and elegant biopic.”
In addition to Gaga and Driver, Al Pacino, Jared Leto, and Jeremy Irons all have supporting


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