Katie O'Donnell

Katie O'Donnell

Bio: Katie O’Donnell is originally from Northern California and is a 2020 Graduate of the University of Northern Colorado, where she studied political science and journalism. She hopes to use her majors to improve the world by telling people’s stories and sharing common experience. She is immensely passionate about representation, human rights and environmental protection. Katie spends most of her time writing, reading and helping out at her family’s restaurant alongside her parents and siblings.

Billie Eilish releases video for “Lost Cause”

Hot girl summer, and its corresponding anthems, are beginning to arrive. Billie Eilish released the video for her newest single “Lost Cause” on Wednesday and fans are loving it.
With lyrics such as, “I know you think you’re such an outlaw/ But you got no job” and scenes like her friends throwing darts at a sign saying that reads “MEN,” this song and video combo is sure to be a staple of this summer for every friend group, squad and girl gang alike

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John Oliver dupes local stations

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is known for going the extra mile in order to make an important point, and his most recent show was not an exception. Whether it’s founding his own tax-exempt religion to explore the corruption of televangelists or buying items from Russel Crowe’s “Divorce auction” just to display them in the last remaining blockbuster, the acclaimed host likes to shell out the big bucks for a big laugh.

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Movies are back!

The pandemic made us all reminiscent for the things we once took for granted, one of which is a night at the movies. For the first time, you do not associate it with outrageous popcorn prices and incorrigible texters but instead with freedom and the lost art of shared experiences in a group setting. As vaccine rates rise and mask restrictions have eased, theatres have opened up their doors again and people seem to be ready for it.

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Foo Fighters announce anniversary tour dates

The Foo Fighters announced their 26th anniversary tour for this summer to be kicked off in Cincinnati, Ohio July 28.

The band was originally set to celebrate 25 years together as a band in 2020, but similar to every other large gathering and celebration last year, it was postponed indefinitely. They announced shows in Milwaukee, St. Louis, Bonner Springs, Oklahoma City and Albuquerque and are expected to release more in the coming weeks. Radkey will be the opening act for all six released dates.

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Florida Gov. Signs Bill Into Law Banning Transgender Girls from Sports

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has signed a bill into law that bans transgender athletes from participating in high school and college women’s sports. The “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” was signed Tuesday at Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville. It was originally passed in the Florida House in mid-April.

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Fashion DesignerPast

Bethany Williams

Fashion Designer of the Month for June 2021 Instagram Bio Gallery Bio Bethany Williams is a fashion designer that weaves together social and environmental issues with her fashion, in an attempt to find innovative design solutions to sustainability. Her brand connects with local communities and 20% of profits for charity …

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Male ModelPast

Fernando Cabral

Male Model of the Month for June 2021 Instagram Bio Gallery Bio Fernando Cabral is a Portuguese male model who first came on the scene in 2010 with a holiday ad campaign for H&M alongside his brother Armando. His sharp bone structure and piercing gaze has made him internationally acclaimed …

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PastUnderground Artist


Underground Artist of the Month for June 2021 Twitter Instagram Youtube Soundcloud Bio Elephant In The Room Bio Kynsy is a 23-year-old alternative musician from Ireland who has been gaining attention due to her silky smooth vocals and experimental sound. She tells interviewers that she puts a lot of focus …

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Female ModelPast

Mona Tougaard

Female Model of the Month for June 2021 Instagram Bio Gallery Bio Mona Tougaard is a Danish model somewhat new to our scene but has been getting attention for her striking look since she was scouted at just 12 years old. She won Denmark’s Elite Model Competition in 2017 which …

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Mark Kauzlarich

Photographer of the Month for June 2021 Twitter Instagram Mouse-pointer Bio Gallery Bio Mark Kauzlarich is a photographer originally from Wisconsin but based in New York when he’s not travelling the globe as a National Geographic explorer. With a master’s in journalism and and a dual bachelor’s in political science …

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Make Up ArtistPast

Aniyah Smith

Make Up Artist of the Month for June 2021 Instagram Linkedin Bio Gallery Bio Aniyah Smith is a makeup artist and 2020 graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology with a B.S is cosmetics and fragrance marketing, and a minor in design thinking. Aniyah has gained notoriety due to her …

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Flashback ArtistPast

Lauryn Hill

Flashback Artist of the Month for June 2021 Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Bio Ex-Factor Bio Lauryn Hill is perhaps one of the greatest and more influential rappers of all time and regarded for breaking countless barriers for women in hip-hop. She is greatly credited with bringing neo soul to pop …

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