Little Women

Little Women is one epic work that shows all the simple and precious treasures people can experience by living in this world. This is a movie that can make people laugh and cry. Whether it was moments like when Jo first met Laurie and they danced like two naughty kids or how innocent and happy the four sisters were when they wore costumes and played shows just for fun, this film will remind you of happy and simpler times. It was relaxing to watch the very beginning of the movie where it seemed like nothing serious happened. At the same time, you get the feeling that something very serious did happen because the movie continually showcases the present and the past through flashbacks. You can strongly sense a big difference between “now” and the “past”, especially between the four sisters.
Life became quite different when those little girls grew into little women. I don’t really know which one of the sisters was the most impressive, because each one has an equally beautiful, inspiring, brave, and touching life. I want to talk about one character, Meg, who may not be mentioned as frequently as the other three. For the character “Meg”, played by Emma Watson, she seemed like the most traditional one. When she went to a party she danced like an elegant lady, stayed her whole life in her hometown, got married, and lived difficultly without much wealth. I thought I would not pay much attention to this character from the perspective of the story (though it is hard to not notice the actress is Emma Watson), but as I was watching the movie, I found myself holding a sense of respect towards her. She was brave and strong. She was the one looking forward to marriage and never pretended to hide it especially after seeing how her sisters Jo and Amy had critical opinions towards marriage. Meg did not let anyone else affect her own choices, which made her mature and pure amongst her sisters. What she wanted was really simple, and sometimes chasing the simple thing can be harder than pursuing a fulfilled, successful life because you need to be braver and face the very simple thing inside of you and admit it.
I have to say Meg is the character that exceeded my expectations and I never expected to get new and exciting thoughts and feelings about her. The success of Little Women is that you can learn from each one of these characters. Each girl has a story to them where you can get a fresh idea about people and yourself and the world suddenly presents a totally new outlook in front of you.


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