Love Island Season 5

Many of us are bubbling with excitement as the country’s favorite dating show Love Island just announced that it would be coming out with a season five! Every season so far has been filled with bliss, bikinis, the beach, and lots of romance. What more could we get out of this new season of love island?   

Season four ended after 32 days in the beautiful villa with Timmy Pandolfi and Zera Morris leaving the island together in love and with a newly found $100,000 in their pockets.  With so much on the line, viewers demand more.  

The new season of Love Island will continue as a Peacock original series and will be hosted by Modern Family’s actress, Sarah Hyland. The show will be narrated by UK Comedian, Iain Stirling. Season five will be premiering in just six days, or, to be exact July 18th, so if you haven’t already marked it down on your calendar, make sure to add it.  

Rumors are circling around the internet that it will be set at a new villa. Don’t worry, though; there will still be the iconic fire pit and all of the other classic parts of the villa, accompanied by a more extensive gym. The new villa is supposed to be sexier than the previous villa, with stars such as Ariana Madix, of Vanderpump Rules fame. Fans can’t wait for an inside look at Ariana Madix’s love life.  

Love Island takes a different route compared to the typical United States reality tv series, as it streams nearly every night of the week like a traditional UK reality tv show, instead of the typical reality tv show in America, where it is only once or twice a week. This season of Love Island will likely produce about 40 episodes this summer. Tune in Thursday through Tuesday for new episodes.  This cycle will continue over the course of six weeks. This way, you won’t have to worry about binge-watching all of it too quickly. 

Viewers can sign up to watch Love Island episodes on the streaming platform Peacock for as low of a rate as $4.99 a month with ads. They also have ad-free streaming for $9.99 a month. Seasons one and two exist on Netflix, but the only way to watch the new episodes and seasons 3 and 4 is by signing up for Peacock.


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