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Having self-confidence comes from feeling good within and loving the skin you’re in. But having acne-prone skin, oily skin, dry skin, or even eczema can be a battle. It can affect how a person feels about themselves and their appearance. Growing up I struggled with acne, more so when I was a teenager. Even today I am still not 100% confident with the little acne or blemishes on my face, especially having such a light complexion. However, I came across this Moon Cosmetics skincare line a few months ago, before the pandemic, and was blown away by the results I saw via Instagram. The results featured both women and men, of different ethnicities and complexions showing off their new layer of skin, with confidence. But right when the pandemic happened, their manufacturing was put on hold. Then I forgot all about the cosmetics line.

Ironically I had been looking for a new skin regime and product to try out that is black-owned. And here we are five months into the pandemic and I found the Moon Cosmetics line again! I came across the product via Twitter this time! I had seen so many of my followers who are predominantly African American raving about the product being available again. The restock of Rose Galore was what all the tweets were about and within minutes the entire page had crashed and then sold out, again! No, I did not get lucky and purchase my skincare products in time, but I am now subscribed to know when the next restock will be. The newly featured product, Rose Galore, is amazing for all skin types, including dry, oily, acne-prone, eczema, sensitive skin, and more. 

Moon Cosmetics was created by young black entrepreneur Mariee. She has several different products to choose from, besides the new Rose Galore, to complete a skin regime. You can even add her products to your usual skin regime and still see great results according to the Moon Cosmetic webpage and customer reviews on Instagram and YouTube. Below is listed what is included in the Rose Galore beauty product.

The Rose Galore Product

The popular Rose Galore product from the Moon Cosmetic line is handmade with

  1. Avocado Oil
  2. Sweet Almond Oil
  3. Vitamin E Oil
  4. Organic Rosehip Oil
  5. Argan Oil
  6. Olive Oil
  7. Solar Power
  8. Love & Dried Roses

Although everything is currently sold out, you can still find out more about Moon Cosmetics, their Rose Galore product, and other products they offer. Here are the links!

Moon Cosmetic Website:

Moon Cosmetic IG: Moon (@moonxcosmeticsllc) • Instagram photos and videos

Owner IG Handle: mariee’ 🥰 (@parmoonx) • Instagram photos and videos

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