Nail Art Trends you have to get on ASAP!

Are you one of those people that loves to stay up to date with the fashion trends? Well, here is another trend you can add to your fall/winter style list to follow: nail art. When we talk about nail design or color, nothing is really out of style, but every year we see a mix of fresh and new looks we want to get on ASAP. This year’s nail art trends go from animal print to curvy shapes, to rich gold embellishments to beautiful nude colors. What’s so special about this fall nail trend? It doesn’t scream BORING! This is why we welcome them with arms wide open and it’s an easy swap from the bright and multi-colors of summer’s nail trends. Here you’ll find a list of some of the trends that will definitely get you started on fall beauty looks. 

Modern French Tips

Switch up your basic white squared French manicure to one with colorful tips and almond shape. These French tips are more modern and more fun. Mix it up and add your own style! 

The New Nudes 

Take nude colors to the next level. Natural color nails are looking fresher than ever and you can give them a twist with graphic designs or marble patterns. The possibilities are endless, so get creative!

Vampy Hues

Fall and winter dark blood reds are typical for the season and always in style. Dive into the dark side and experiment with darker shades that will keep your nails looking elegant and sensual this fall season. 

Gradient nails 

Still in style is the “skittle trend”! They look especially cute and in-season with fall-ready hues. 

Accents on Nails 

Diamonds, hearts, stars… any tiny detail that will make your nails go from ordinary to chic is one of fall’s biggest trends. Great for those who want an extra pop, but don’t want to be dramatic about it. 

Gold Everything 

Who doesn’t love gold?! Whether it’s a small gold design or elaborate nail art, gold embellishments are a fall-favorite to make your style pop. Match it with your make up or with some gold accessories. There can never be too much gold!

Animal Prints

Done with the cow print nails? Then switch it up this fall with some leopard, tiger, or even giraffe printed accents that will make people talk about your nails for days- in a good way! There are many animal-inspired arts out there, so do research and find the ones you love the most to make those nails POP. 

Mixed Patterns 

Don’t know which design or style to choose for your nails? Then why not ALL of them! This fall nail trend gives the opportunity to get different designs painted on each nail or one full style on each hand. You don’t have to limit yourself anymore, make every nail a unique one!

Get creative! The designs, arts, and even color options are endless. Try one this weekend and get all the Instagram likes!


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