New Way to make your Brows look SHARP

A new beauty trend that has been taking the cosmetics industry by storm is microblading. Instead of buying an eyebrow pencil every month or wasting money getting your brows tinted, people are turning mostly to certified estheticians to microblade their eyebrows. What is microblading you may be wondering? Manual microblading is semi-permanent tattooing that utilizes tiny, fine point needles rather than a tattoo gun, that scratches the skin to later deposit pigment into. The special thing about this procedure is that it can be for any amount of eyebrow hair, from none to just having missing patches.

As someone who has blonde hair, I have always been self-conscious about not only the lightness of my eyebrows but also their inability to remain full and thick. I researched different beauty products I could use to mask my lack of eyebrow definition but came across microblading places in my area. After setting up my appointment, I was anxious about the pain and the cost. Now having had my eyebrows microbladed for two years, it is worth every penny and every tear.

First off, as someone who has a low pain tolerance, any time the word needle is used I immediately tremble in fear. It is no secret that this procedure can be painful but the woman who did my eyebrows was quick to reassure me that it would be a quick pain and also used numbing cream to help. It lasted about two hours the first time I went, mapping out where the brows would be scratched on, testing colors, and then the actual microblading. There was some stinging and uncomfortableness but nothing unbearable. At first, the coloring was dark but after a week, it began to fade to a tone closer to my hair color and liking. After a few months, I returned for a touch up which was a lot quicker and easier to handle.

Although it was a hefty bill to front, the results and lasting look was worth it. Microblading can cost anywhere from $500-$2500 dollars depending on where you go. But the price is only this high the first time you go and will reduce once you are only returning for touch-ups. This procedure will also last up to a year untouched which again, will be worth the investment.

As for taking care of your brows, there are steps you can take to keep them lasting longer and looking fresher. The woman who did my eyebrows advised me to clean them regularly with aloe-infused wipes to wipe away the skin that will scab and shed naturally but never to pick at it. She also advised me to use Aquaphor whenever possible and especially when I am taking a shower or going into a pool/ocean.

Overall, although the price was pretty high and there were some commitments necessary for upkeep, I recommend this procedure to all my friends and anyone struggling with patchy or non-existent eyebrows. Being a semi-permanent procedure, if you hate them, they will fade with time but most certified salons always have a pro that will not disappoint. Although, before making an appointment make sure to do your research and state if you have any allergies or medical conditions just so the esthetician knows how to go about your procedure! Happy Microblading!


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