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Nicki Minaj announces new “Bigfoot” song amid Megan Thee Stallion feud

Rap mega-star Nicki Minaj, 41, just announced the release of her upcoming single “Bigfoot” amid a recent feud with fellow rap star Mega Thee Stallion, 28. 

Nicki announced the release of her new song on her X account, saying it will be released at 9 p.m. on Sunday while briefly adding that it could maybe come a bit sooner as well. This announcement was subsequent to Megan Thee Stallion’s recent jab to Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty, 45, on her new single “Hiss”; it appears that this song will be a clap-back to Megan. 

Nicki teased a snippet of the song on her Instagram live; rapping the words: “Bad bitch she like six foot, I call her big foot/ The bitch fell off, I said get up on your good foot” (referring to Megan Thee Stallion’s shooting case where she was shot by fellow artist Tory Lanez), as per Billboard Magazine. Nicki has also made several other jabs at Megan on the platform.

The feud reportedly started when Megan The Stallion rapped the words: “These hoes don’t be mad at Megan, these hoes mad at Megan’s Law. I don’t really know what the problem is, but I guarantee y’all don’t want me to start,” according to Cosmopolitan. 

For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Petty is a registered sex offender, who reportedly failed to register as such in a different state. This subsequently led him to be sentenced to house arrest for a year, and “Megan’s law” in Ms. Stallion’s song is actually referring to a real law that requires all U.S. states to have public sex offender registries. People believe that this is an obvious jab at Nicki and her husband.

Minaj has written numerous jabs subliminally coming for Megan.

“The bitch ain’t get streamed in 84 years. Her team don’t want me to drop b/c they know those numbers gon embarrass her lying lypo ass,” one of them stated, as provided by Billboard Magazine.


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