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Paulo Londra and Bizarrap Launch Music Session, and It Goes Viral

Argentinian DJ and producer Bizarrap launched last Monday his long-awaited Music Session number 23 alongside urban singer Paulo Londra, and fans on social media went wild. The two had been promising collaboration for a long time, and fans had been speculating that session number 23—which at the time was skipped, jumping directly from 22 to 24—was a space saved for Paulo Londra’s return. It turns out it was. 

BZRP Music Sessions are an online promotion and dissemination space created by Bizarrap, 23, for Latin American emerging urban artists to bring their lyrics and turn them into a viral songs. BZRP Music Sessions have launched many artists to fame, as is the case of Nicki Nicole. They have also caused controversy, as happened with Residente’s Session number 49. Now they are helping an artist that was artistically silenced for over 2 years, to come back with a bang.

Whenever a new Music Session is released, streamers from all parts of the world take their turns analyzing and reacting to it, and this was no exception. Paulo Londra is one of the dearest artists of the urban scene, and his legal altercation with what once was his record label, Big Ligas, put his rising and promising career on hold for over two years. He has now won the case and is free again to pursue his dream.

Some days before the release of Paulo Londra’s session, Bizarrap posted on social media a voice message he received from Paulo asking him to save session number 23 for his return. Why number 23? Paulo Londra has explained that 23 is the number of Michael Jordan’s mythical jersey, his favorite athlete in the world. Every marketing move behind this release was marked by this number as well. On April 23rd, Bizarrap posted a message saying that the session would be launched only once that post reached 23 million comments. Which it did, in less than a day.

The session was finally launched on YouTube last Monday night, collecting over 1 million views in less than 20 minutes. Less than 24 hours later, Paulo Londra’s session has over 16 million views on YouTube. The production, which is a little over 4 minutes long is a mix of rap, trap, and reggaeton, with lyrics that feel very personal as they relate a story of artistic victory and creative freedom, which leaves fans feeling emotional and coming back for more.


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