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hakira and Rauw Alejandro Launch New Song, ‘Te Felicito’

Shakira is back with a new hit featuring Rauw Alejandro. ‘Te felicito’ is the name of the new song, which has been trending on Twitter since its release less than 24 hours ago. Fans have expressed their excitement over this new release after over a year since her last new material in Spanish.

On April 9, the Colombian singer had posted on Twitter the hook to this new song, “Te felicito que bien actúas,” but when she subsequently went on to delete it, fans became very confused. Following this, robots started to appear on the thumbnails of old Shakira videos, anticipating the cyberpunk vibes of her new work.

Expectation grew as Shakira announced she would be collaborating with Rauw Alejandro and even more so when she made the official poster for the song public on April 14, indicating that April 22 was the date chosen for the song release.

Her collaboration with urban artist Rauw Alejandro is more than timely, as he has been leading Latin music since he rose to popularity in 2017. Since then, he has achieved Gold, Platinum, and Multi-Platinum certifications, consolidating even during the pandemic when he gave one of the most iconic virtual concerts of the year. More than one million YouTube viewers watched his performance in real-time from the Puerto Rico Colosseum. This presentation got him trending in 14 countries and caught Shakira’s eye to collaborate on her new song in Spanish, as her latest releases have been in English.

The music video was released a day before it was supposed to, surprising her millions of fans who believed it would be launched today, and it has already collected over 1.5 million views on YouTube.

The song is about the heartbreak and disappointment of finding out that your partner has been lying to you the whole time. In the video, we can see the Colombian and the Puerto Rican dancing in a neon background, intermixed with scenes of her building a “robot lover.” The music is a pop, trap, and electronic dance blend that feels really fresh with playful experimental vocals on the part of Shakira.

Shakira never shies away from reinventing herself and adapting to the new trends, and she has proved her versatility once more with this new collab.


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