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Road movie, low budget, and no special effects? Ryan Reynolds discusses original deadpool 3 concept

After Disney and Fox merged, Ryan Reynolds thought his days of playing the loveable, fourth-wall-breaking Deadpool were over. That was, until, according to Hindustan Times, he began contemplating the idea of a road movie.

First playing Deadpool in the series’ first movie, “Deadpool”, in 2016, Reynolds returned for David Leitch’s Deadpool 2 two years after the first film. Soon after this, the mouse, aka Disney, took over Fox. With his character’s fate up in the air, Reynolds didn’t publicly say his days as Deadpool were over. “Deadpool 3”, had an uncertain fate at that point, though, considering the companies would have to find a way to fit the character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

It seems, however, that all this “will it happen, won’t it happen” drama was all for nothing. “Deadpool 3”, or “Deadpool and Wolverine”, is set to be the biggest installment in the series, according to Hindustan Times. The next addition to the “Deadpool” series, now a threequel, will see the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for the first time since 2017.

According to sources at the Hindustan Times, Reynolds said the original idea was “a $5 or $6 million budget with no special effects…just a talkie-talkie road trip with me and Dopinder…and some of the things we collected and saw along the way. It wasn’t meant to be an event movie. If we’re on our way to Point C, it was meant to just get us to Point B.”

While this sounds like it would have been a fun, entertaining movie, the idea never left the drawing board. Movies go through changes to turn them into something the crew believes will be more suitable for “Deadpool” and Marvel fans. Instead of a road trip movie, “Deadpool 3” will focus on something called The Time Variance Authority sending Deadpool and Wolverine on a mission together. “Deadpool 3” will also star Emma Corrin, Matthew MacFayden, Karan Soni, Aaron Stanford, and Jennifer Garner.

Set to release in theaters on July 26th, “Deadpool 3” will hit theaters in less than one month. While it might not be what Reynolds originally expected, it most likely won’t disappoint.


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