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So many artists are canceling their tours…is the music industry cursed? (Op-Ed)

Every few weeks or so it feels like one more artist is cancelling their tour. Though this might anger fans who purchased tickets, understanding is required. Fans need to realize that these artists, like themselves, are human. They face the same difficulties as everyone else and, sometimes, that means facing something that causes them to cancel previous arrangements.

Based on the website Vox, ticket prices have increased steadily over the past few years. With inflation how it is nowadays, the struggle to make a living, and necessary purchases is real. Not everyone will be willing to put aside $100 or so dollars for a concert ticket in this day and age. This, in part, appears to be having a major effect on some artists and tours they had scheduled.

Last month, according to NBC News, Jennifer Lopez and the Black Keys canceled their 2024 tour dates. While both canceled for different reasons, either lack of sales or a desire to play other venues, the reasons surrounding the cancellations aren’t overly concerning. That is, perhaps, not including any fans who already bought tickets and were looking forward to the day.

Inflation has, without a doubt, been one of the biggest topics of discussion over the past few months. What affects prices and money affects everything, and the music industry is not immune to this. There was bound to be a struggle to get sales with this in mind, but to have so few that a tour is canceled altogether? I can’t remember a year that has happened as much as it is in 2024.

Inflation isn’t the only reason multiple tours are being canceled. Honestly, though? I wish it were.

Illnesses of different varieties have led to several bands and performers canceling their tours. Audacy has mentioned Heart postponing their 2024 tour while member Ann Wilson undergoes cancer treatment. Pearl Jam, says Deadline, and Neil Young and Crazy Horse, say LA Times, have also canceled their upcoming tours due to illnesses. Finally, just yesterday, USA Today reported that Pink, advised by her doctor to do so, had to cancel the rest of her tour.

The sudden series of illnesses that have hit so many people in the music industry is extremely upsetting, and my heart goes out to all who are suffering. Sending well wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery your way.


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