The Deal With CBD

If you go almost anywhere today (the grocery store, gas station, local pharmacy, favorite department store), chances are you’ll stumble upon a CBD product of some kind. It could be a candle, lotion, or some sort of spray. By now, most people may have a basic understanding of what CBD is, but does it actually work?

As a simple overview, cannabidiol (CBD) comes from the marijuana or hemp plant, but it won’t get you high due to having less than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). There are three main types of CBD: isolate, broad-spectrum, and full spectrum. CBD isolate is just that, pure CBD with zero THC whatsoever. Broad-spectrum contains traces of other cannabis plant compounds with slight amounts of THC within. Full-spectrum includes all of the cannabis plant, which is where the less than 0.3 percent THC law comes into effect.

CBD products are used for varying amounts of things. Sprays and gummies can be taken in order to help with sleep problems, seizures, anxiety, and depression. Topical ointments and lotions are used for sore muscles and joint pain. There are even companies that sell CBD water that can help with sleep as well or even headaches. A lot of people all across the country swear by CBD and use it for everything, but the science behind it is still new. Of course studies have been done, but mostly in the preclinical sectors so scientists and doctors aren’t entirely sure if the effects people claim to have are real or placebo. However, doctors don’t wholly frown upon the use of CBD. They just ask to check with them before using so as to not mess with any medications being taken already.

There is very low risk with trying CBD, but there is also a low chance for reward, especially with how expensive some products can be. Personally, I’ve tried CBD products before and been pleased with the results. If interested in trying CBD, start with trial-size and work your way up if it helps you, as you would with most things. CBD is nothing to be scared of trying, and it’s all the better if it actually does end up paying off.

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