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The Scoop on the Disney+ Series, “Moon Knight”

It is no surprise that the new Disney+ Series, “Moon Knight” is capturing the attention of fans near and far. The hit series starts with museum worker Steven Grant, played by Oscar Isaac, who finds himself blacking out, losing time, experiencing vivid dreams, and remembering another life. When he is granted the powers of an Egyptian moon god, he finds that having such power is both a blessing and curse. 

“Moon Knight” is both aesthetically pleasing and fun to watch. While the plot can be hard to follow at times it keeps viewers at the edge of their seats. As the show develops, we learn that Steven Grant shares a body with Marc Spector, an adventurous mercenary, which explains the blackouts and memories of another life. “Moon Knight” is undeniably darker than most Disney shows but still a series worth watching. 

This show is not only action-packed but brings awareness to mental illness. As portrayed by Steven Grant, the show depicts the feeling of loneliness and fear associated with dissociative identity disorder as a response to childhood trauma. Without giving away the plot thus far, I believe that this series does a great job at showing how mental illness and trauma can come with a feeling of brokenness and need for coping mechanisms. 

I highly recommend either starting or catching up on this series to not miss out on all the plot twists that this show has to offer.


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