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Tukoh Taka – Did the FIFA 22 song deserve all that backlash?

This year’s World Cup is hosted in Qatar. Qatar has been doing a beautiful job of hosting the World Cup, and fans think the opening ceremony in Qatar is the most beautiful in World Cup history. 

Every year along with the World Cup, we get a bop song that sticks with us for years.

The song has been getting a lot of backlash for different reasons. 

The song was heavily compared to Shakira’s previous World Cup songs, “Waka Waka” and “La La La.” With tons of Tik Toks asking for Shakira back.

While the audience admits that the song is catchy through the comments and video on Tik Tok, they are also criticizing the song for lacking… well lyrics. 

the song consists of a verse of lyrics for each Myriam, Nicki, and Maluma; the rest is vocals, vibes, and repeating the phrase “Tukoh Taka.”

While that criticism is valid, the prolonged “Tukoh Taka” was unnecessary, other criticism I don’t agree with. 

The music video was heavily criticized for portraying Arabs the way it did. The dessert and the exaggerated outfits. The audience and fans say this doesn’t represent the truth of the culture, seeing it as demeaning the culture as a whole and just focusing on the dessert (which apparently symbolizes uncivilization). 

See the source image

 Myriam Faris appeared in the video with a belly dancer garment and showered in gold, looking gorgeous. 

See the source image

The music video wasn’t misrepresenting the Arabic Culture but rather fantasizing about it. The video created a beautiful Arabic dessert fantasy with beautiful visuals. 

If we look at the cultural representations as an aesthetic appeal rather than a stereotype, we will see how beautifully depicted and represented it was. 

Nothing is wrong with having my culture represented with the dessert because the dessert is a unique part of it indeed. 


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