What is the Billie Razor?

After seeing millions of ads about the Billie razor I decided it was time to finally take a look at what this brand is all about. To say that I was pleasantly surprised is a harsh understatement. This brand has great products backed by a powerful message. 

The Billie Razor could be the only razor brand that is promoting not shaving. This company not only promotes natural body hair but encourages all woman to love their bodies. This support of the body positivity movement is one of the many reasons why people cannot get enough of this brand. This is evident in their elimination of the Pink Tax and a razor that is designed for women. 

When you go on their website, which is designed in a simple yet elegant way, you will find that they have a tab called “About Us” which provides a lot of information about what their company stands for and why their products are the best choice. According to their website, “Billie was created to champion womankind. Since launch, we have donated 1% of our revenue to support woman and important causes around the world- currently, we’re partnering with Every Mother Counts, YWCA and Black Girls Code. In light of the racially charged events that have occurred over the past year, we’ve also contributed to nonprofits that specifically support Black and AAPI communities. At Billie, we have zero-tolerance for racism and systemic oppression.” In addition to this powerful message and contribution, they are known for helping you “build a better shelf” as their products promote equality and clean ingredients. 

According to the Billie website, their razor has been included on the Allure’s Best of Beauty, Nylon’s Beauty Hit List, and Bustle’s Most Wanted Life Upgrade. Their razor starter kit comes with their magnetic holder and two blades. Along with this, they offer it in six different colors! 

Their razor is famous all-over social media, but they have tons of other products to choose from. Their shaving cream, wakeup remover wipes, dry shampoo and shower sets are all to die for. Their Life of the Party set comes with Wonder Wipes, aka their face wipes, their dry shampoo called the Floof, and the Super Salve. The Super Salve comes in the three shades of Rhubarb, Fig, and Sorbet. 

To stay up to date on all things Billie you can follow them on Instagram at @billie. Whether you love their products or have never tried them, their Instagram page is full of empowering content. 


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