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Who Did and Should Have Performed in Rihanna’s Fenty Season 3

The annual Savage X Fenty runway show, by Rihanna, was released on Amazon Prime Video on September 24th. Like everyone else interested in fashion or people who simply love Rihanna, I could not wait to watch. 

Some people criticized the show for not being as fashion-focused and imaginative as last year’s show, where performers came out adorned in flower-decorated outfits and with wild make-up looks. While during this year’s show, there was an emphasis placed on the dancers and the performers. I agree that the show this year was slightly less eye-catching and fun, but I enjoyed the sultry, sensual, and sexy energy present throughout the thirty-nine minutes. 

Not counting the special appearances. There were seven performances done by: Jade Novah, BIA, Normani, Ricky Martin, Daddy Yankee, Jazmine Sullivan, and Nas. Some of the performances matched the overall feeling of the show. The intro sung by Jade Novah and the arrangements by BIA, Jazmine Sullivan, Normani captured the sexiness of Savage X Fenty line. As far as the male performers, it’s safe to say they did not live up to the bar their female counterparts set. 

Ricky Martin and Daddy Yankee’s performances felt out of place. Both singers did not bring any exciting energy to the stage. I think Maluma, Bad Bunny, would have delivered far stronger performances. They are known for their sexy and crowd-raising performances that would have added positively to the show. As much as I love Nas, his performance was forgettable. It was another performance that didn’t meld well with the rest of the show. Which was especially noticeable because he performed last. I would have loved to see Ari Lennox or a male R&B singer who could’ve matched what this season’s Savage X Fenty show was about.

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