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10 Songs You Need To Add To Your Summer Playlist

With schools getting out and the weather starting to get warmer, summer is just around the corner. From relaxing by the pool with friends, or roasting marshmallows by the campfire at night, here are 10 songs that you need to add to your summer playlist for 2022.

  1. “About Damn Time” by Lizzo

You’ve probably already heard this song all over TikTok, but hey, it’s catchy! From its groovy beat, to Lizzo’s smooth voice, it’s the perfect song to listen to at a pool party with friends. Not only does it have an empowering message of freeing yourself from a negative mindset, but it’s a nice tune to dance to. 

  1. “Rumbatón” by Daddy Yankee

The man, the myth, the legend himself – Daddy Yankee, has released another summer banger. Although the song is in Spanish, you can still dance to the upbeat reggaeton rhythm. Want to feel like you’re at a party in Puerto Rico by the beach? This is the song for you. 

  1. “Sweetest Pie” by Megan Thee Stallion & Dua Lipa

“Sweetest Pie” is filled with both Megan’s relentless rap verses and Dua’s clean vocals. This is the type of song that makes you want to go on a drive on a nice sunny summer day with the windows down while you scream the lyrics. 

  1. “As It Was” by Harry Styles 

“As It Was” is Styles’s lead single from his upcoming album ‘Harry’s House.’ Although it was released in late March, it’s been number 1 on BillBoards Hot 100 list for the last 3 weeks. With its upbeat rhythm yet slightly somber lyrics, it’s a great song to listen to while watching a summer sunset. Whether you are reminiscing on a past relationship, or enjoying the sweet tune, “As It Was” is an ideal summer song. 

  1.  “A-O-K” by Tai Verdes 

“Living in this big blue world (blue world) With my head up in outer space (outer space) I know I’ll be A-O, A-O-K” This song by Tai Verdes perfectly captures that carefree summer feeling. Nice weather, longer days, vacations, you can finally relax a little more and breathe. 

  1. “Way 2 Sexy” by Drake 

Sampled from British band Right Said Fred’s 1991 single “I’m Too Sexy”, Drake was able to create “Way 2 Sexy.” Released in late 2021, this song is bound to make a comeback in summer 2022. This is the perfect song to jam out to at a house party or even a small summer hangout with friends. 

  1. “What Once Was” by Her’s 

With the groovy bass guitar playing alongside the smooth guitar chords, “What Once Was” by Her’s is the ideal song to listen to on a warm summer night while you drive down a long highway with all the windows rolled down. 

  1. “Way It Goes” by Hippo Campus

Most of the band Hippo Campus’s songs are perfect for the summer season. “Way it goes” however is arguably the best. The light-hearted tune alongside the effortless hamornies, this song gives you the ideal “it’s summer” vibes.

  1. “I Melt With You” by Modern English 

Written in the 80’s, the lyrics of this song can be interpreted as a plea to recover a love that has already been lost. Although the lyrics might be somber if you read them, the song itself is actually quite cheery and hopeful. It’s a beautiful song that makes you just want to let loose and have fun

  1.  “Callaíta” by Bad Bunny

Part of his new album ‘Un Verano Sin Ti” Bad Bunny made the perfect song to sing along to with friends. It makes you want to go to the beach to dance and scream the lyrics from the top of your lungs. You can jam out to it by a nice campfire, by the pool, in your car, it encapsulates the perfect summer vibes.


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