Bop or Flop: My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance. Often known as an “emo” pop-punk band, was formed in 2001
by artist and writer Gerard Way. Becoming popular during the mid-2000’s, the band was
able to obtain multiple platinum albums and sell thousands of tickets on tours alone.
Although the band broke up in 2013, people still listened to their music, and as if they
were hearing their fans’ prayers, the group reunited in 2019.

Now, is My Chemical Romance (MCR) a bop…or a flop…?

MCR usually has the reputation of playing ‘emo’ type music. You know, the type of
music which is just someone screaming about being angry at society, with loud guitars
and drums playing in the background.

Although that’s partially true for MCR, I believe they are much more than just that.

Their music is actually amazing. And just because they are “emo” doesn’t mean that
you can’t or shouldn’t listen to them.

Take their song ‘The Black Parade’ for example. Probably one of their most iconic and
popular songs, ‘The Black Parade’ tells the story of a man dubbed ‘The Patient’ and his
passage out of life. ‘The Patient’ dies and death comes for him in the form of a parade.
Gerard Way has explained that this is based on his notion of death appearing to a
person in the form of their fondest memory, in this case seeing a marching band as a

Not only is the message of the song deep, but the musical instruments that go along
with the lyrics are amazing. It’s this fantastic anthem of life and death, and it makes you
want to dance along and scream the lyrics at the same time.

Their music in general is an anthem for people who feel misunderstood, or just can’t
seem to fit into society and their expectations. Songs such as ‘Teenagers,’ ‘I’m Not
Okay’, and ‘Na Na Na’ are all perfect examples of how their lyrics can touch and relate
to their fans.

So, in summary, MCR is definitely a bop. I love them, and listen to their music all the
time. If you’re angry, sad, want to start a rebellion, listen to MCR. Their music is truly


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