Athlete of the Month for June 2020


If you know anything about upcoming young athletes, you will be familiar with June’s Athlete of the Month most recognized for an outstanding performance at the 2018 Winter Olympics. At just 17 years old, Chloe Kim of Long Beach California became the youngest woman to win a snowboarding gold medal while displaying her abilities on the halfpipe. But this isn’t her first claim to fame, she is a four-time winner of the gold at X Games and also the recipient of two gold medals at the Winter Youth Olympic Games for snowboarding, of course. 

Her father traveled to the United States in 1982 from South Korea making her a first-generation American but she still strives to represent both countries as they both resonate with her identity. Chloe’s father has always supported her dreams of snowboarding and was willing to make any sacrifice necessary for her to succeed, even quitting his job. He travels wherever her path may lead, even as far as Switzerland. But snowboarding isn’t her only strong suit, she is also trilingual and plays the acoustic guitar. She has plans to attend Princeton with the intention to study science and graduate in 2023 after deterring her earlier admittance. 

Chloe began snowboarding when she was just four years old at a resort near her home in California. In 2014, after much practice and training, she was unable to compete in her first largely sanctioned competition which happened to be the Olympics, due to her age. But this did not deter her from preparing for the day she finally was old enough. She dominated the competition in lower level games and came out on top when her Olympics debut finally came. 
After her premiere in the Olympics, she was able to gain some media attention and was featured in shows like “Double Dare” and “Ridiculousness.” In 2018, she also made an appearance in Maroon 5’s hit song’s music video “Girls Like You.” 

Beauty and cosmetics are also an interest of Chloe’s and her bleached blonde hair often gets the attention of others. She even made a bet with her mom at 14 that if she won the X Games, she could dye her hair. Clearly, by the looks of her hair and talent, the challenge was a piece of cake. At her first Olympics when she took gold, when interviewed she told reporters she didn’t want to cry and mess up her eyeliner and that quote stuck out as being hilarious to so many who followed her progress. 

Overall, Chloe Kim deserves this June 2020 pick for not just because of her numerous accolades and talent on the halfpipe but also her humble attitude and well-rounded personality. She is looked up to by many and especially continues to inspire not just the younger community but also the immigrant community, to follow their dreams because they can do anything they put their mind to no matter the age or background. 


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