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David Muir to Replace Diane Sawyer as Anchor on ABC

David Muir will be joining Brian Williams and Scott Pelley, both over 10 years his senior, as the new ABC “World News” Anchor. Muir has made his rounds with the World News audience as Sawyers chief sub, and since the beginning of this year, has anchored half as many weeknights as Sawyer, 46:92. Since a young age, Muir has known this was the path he wanted to be on. At a mere 12 years old he wrote to Syracuse anchorman Ron Curtis for advice on how to break into the business and impressed him so much, he got his first internship at WTCH-TV the next summer. He went on to work at WTVH for five years before making the leap to ABC News in 2003. Although he will be a main anchor, Muir hopes to be able to report from the field. “A huge part of this for me was a promise that I was not going to be tethered to the anchor desk,” Muir said. He officially replaces Sawyer Monday night.


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