Going to the Dogs

Thousands of dogs across the US are left sitting home all day anxiously awaiting their master’s return. With nothing but sleeping to do, they often get bored, restless and many experience separation anxiety. To help dogs stay clam and occupied during the day and set to a routine, DOGTV was made available to keep our four-legged friends (or in some cases, family) more at ease.
“I always feel guilty leaving him alone all day when I’m at work,” says dog owner Mary Catania. “He’s like my kid. I don’t have any children so I really treat him like my child. Anything that makes him happy makes me happy.”
The producers of DOGTV built the programming around the expertise of three renowned pet specialists: Veterinarian behaviorist and Program Director of the Animal Behavior Department of Clinical Sciences at Tufts University, Professor Nicholas Dodman, family/pet counselor and star of Animal Planet’s hit TV series “It’s Me or the Dog” Victoria Stilwell, and Animal rights activist, pet trainer and popular radio broadcaster Warren Eckstein. The shows are scientifically created in 8-hour blocks to calm and entertain canines which ultimately make them less apt to depression or separation anxiety based on the functions of their vision, hearing and behavior patterns.
“DOGTV’s subscription-based channel organizes programming into 3 to 6 minutes of relaxing, stimulating and behavior-improving segments that work collaboratively to provide just the right balance for the daily routines of our beloved ‘stay-at-home’ dogs” reads the DOGTV website. Check it out to learn more http://dogtv.com/Page/whatisdogtv.
Right now the channel is only available on Cox Communications (channel 2365) and Time Warner Cable (channel 148) in the San Diego, CA as a pilot run until the show can be further refined at $4.99/month, but as the channel’s success is growing, it could be available nationally!
Here are a few tips from DOGTV’s website:
• Turn on the TV and switch to DOGTV, the ultimate television experience for your dog.
• Set volume on TV to the same level as if you were watching it. DOGTV content is already adjusted to fit your dog’s hearing sensibilities.
• Give your dog some space to interact with DOGTV content. If this is your first time tuning in, watch it together with your dog for a little while until you feel they are relaxed.
• Give your dog some time to adjust. DOGTV is like a new friend so they may get extra excited or unusually relaxed. Don’t worry, they’re just getting used to the channel.
Watch the “Stimulation” video that uses exciting and fast-moving camera angles that occupy your pet.


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