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Harry Styles’s New Music Video for “Late Night Talking”

For every Harry Styles fan out there— which should be every single person reading this— the music video for Harry’s hit song “Late Night Talking” from his May album “Harry’s House” premiered on Youtube yesterday. Within less than 24 hours, his adult-style sleepover themed video is #4 on Trending For Music on Youtube, with almost 6 million views and over 700K likes. The video centers around beds, with Harry switching into different pairs of polka dot pajamas sets in each scene. 

Styles first wakes up alone in bed before crawling through what looks like a sheet fort, mimicking a child’s sleepover. However, it then transitions to Harry in a massive bed surrounded by scantily clad women and some sleeping men, before waking up in a different bed centered in an art gallery, with onlookers seemingly examining him. This music video evokes a sense of organized chaos, with each scene portraying something completely different, from eating spaghetti, being on an opera stage, and driving down the road— but all in bed. By the conclusion, Harry and his bed get sucked up into a storm and he is peacefully plunging back down to the ground whilst laying on the bed.

The “Late Night Talking” video is the second to be produced from the “Harry’s House” album, following “As It Was” which was released as a single for this album; “Late Night Talking” is also the second most popular Harry Styles song at the moment according to Spotify rankings, with almost 200 million streams. Both of these videos capture a unique creativity and clear storytelling through the songs, combining the artistry of music with cinematography. While it makes sense that the “Late Night Talking” video focuses on beds, it is up to the fans to decipher the meaning of each individual scene, and why Harry chose to reenact those specific moments whilst always in bed. Personally, I’d like to think that the entire video captures the two lines “We’ve been doing all this late night talking, about anything you want until the morning,” showing the potential to travel around your entire life within one deep conversation with someone. 

If you want to watch the video for “Late Night Talking,” click here!


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