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Jesy Nelson’s Collaboration with Nicki Minaj

Jesy Nelson, a former member of the girl group Little Mix, will soon be releasing her first music as an independent artist. For her first solo project, she worked alongside Nicki Minaj to make the single “Boyz” coming out this Friday. 

Little Mix fans were overall supportive when Nelson decided to leave the group late last year because she wanted to focus on her mental health. Many of her fans assumed it would be a long time before Nelson would work on new music. Her quick return to the industry suggests that performing was not the source of her struggles. The pressure came from her surroundings and the standards imposed on girl groups. 

Nelson has made no malicious comments towards the other girls of Little Mix, but she has attacked different parts of the operation, exposing the management for their controlling behavior. Overall, Nelson’s fans are glad that she made this decision for herself but were still disappointed to see her go. 

This single is not the first time that Nelson and Minaj have worked together. Nicki Minaj was featured in “Woman Like Me” by Little Mix in 2018. The duo clearly had a musical connection, as Nelson turned straight to the superstar when making her first move as a solo artist. Though the song is not out yet, this collaboration can predict a lot about Nelson’s new direction in her music career. She is taking a step away from the young, pop sound of Little Mix. Fans can expect maybe a more hip-hop sound from her new music. 


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