Kanye for President

As the 2020 election is in the near horizon, many remain unsure of how to cast their vote. Current president, Donald Trump has been ridiculed for his lackluster leadership during not only a worldwide pandemic but during quite possibly the largest movement in U.S. History. It has been projected that he has lost many of the swing states in recent polls and even states that normally vote red. Voters especially in the younger generation favored Bernie, but when he dropped out of the running, settling for Joe Biden, former vice president, was a smarter move than Trump’s reelection. But there still remains to be a lot of people still on the fence about who is best fit to run our country especially after one of the most difficult years in a long time filled with death and dismay.

Kanye West had been a renowned Trump supporter and was often criticized for this very reason. But recently, he has publicly shared he no longer supports our current POTUS. These comments were made supposedly after the public became aware that Trump was moved to an underground bunker below the White House during protests in D.C. fighting the police brutality and racial inequality in our country.

Kanye has announced on social media he would be running for president in the 2020 election. Although there is no proof of this actually happening nor do we know if he has filed the correct paperwork or where he even stands politically, he has made the claim on his Twitter. Despite it seeming comical or like a good alternative to Biden or Trump, it could actually aid the reelection of Trump by taking votes from Biden.

After missing the deadline to file as an independent candidate in a good portion of the states, some might say he has no chance. But Elon Musk, CEO of Telsa has hope for West. He even responded to Kanye’s Twitter candidacy announcement sharing his support for West. This isn’t the first time he has dabbled with the idea of running for president so it may just be a stunt for publicity although he claims it isn’t. Before you cast your vote in 2020, make sure you think about the future of America because every vote counts.


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