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Life is a documentary

The life we live is a true documentary. We all have a book in us and I honestly believe that we all have some form of a film in us too.
It’s all about dealing with the understanding that your life has been one of quality and when you get to a certain point in your journey you should share your travels with the world.

I have finally agreed to doing a documentary on my life because the older we get , it seems that the shorter our life is getting. I want to be able to leave my next generation of family some form of message about what I think and have thought that life is all about. I also want those that I consider true friends to know how my life has really been.

I want for the next generation of children to know that life isn’t always easy however it can still be wonderful.

Sometimes life is extremely difficult and sometimes painful but I have always learned that tomorrow is another day.

I have been blessed to have been friends with some incredible people in sports and entertainment. When you can say that people like the iconic George Steinbrenner and Thurman Munson and James Brown and others have blessed your life at one point or another and made you feel like an equal even though others may have told you that you should know your place , that’s saying a lot.

Through the years I rejected different production companies from doing my story because the message that I wanted to deliver and the one that they wanted to deliver was always very different. They didn’t seem to care who they hurt. In my life me and the people that I love and loved have gone through enough pain. I need for my documentary to be something that some people will be proud of and others that don’t know me say, wow he has lived a very interesting and blessed life.

I need to thank Professor Bill O Connell of Suffolk Community College for letting me know how important my message to the world is.

I have spoken to the students at Suffolk through Bills communications class and shared my stories with them and always feel like I may of helped some of these students with Thier own lives.

Professor Oconnell and his production company ( Mama Earth Productions) are now working on my documentary , They have been on it for almost three months and I’m proud to say that what they are doing is beautiful.

I can’t wait for the world to see the finished product. Ken Dicamillo the long time agent at William Morris Agency will be representing this incredible project.

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