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Negron: More Yankee Magic, The Case Of The Missing Ring

Where is the ring?

Andrew and Heather are a very sweet couple that met online. A phone relationship started which led to a dating situation which led to love. Love led to Yankee Stadium. Heather is the Yankee fan of the couple and future family.

Within a year of meeting, Andrew felt that the stadium was the perfect place to spring the question. He made arrangements to be able to get engaged in Yankee Stadium. Cameras were all set. The scoreboard asked the magic question “Would you marry me?” As Andrew opened the little box with the engagement ring in it, the ring shot out of the box. To Andrew and Heather’s shock, it disappeared into the crowd or so they thought.

All of this was captured on the scoreboard, radio, and television.

As Brett Gardner came to bat, he literally stepped out of the batter’s box. I’m sure he was distracted. Knowing Gardner I would call it concerned.

As fate would have it, something shiny came from Heather’s cuff of her pants and as Gomer Pyle from the old TV series would say surprise, surprise, surprise. The engagement ring was right there all along. A good catch by Heather without even realizing it.

All of a sudden as Heather held up the ring the whole stadium started to cheer. You could even see a smile on Gardner’s face. The whole time it was wonderful to see the concern on the faces of all the Yankee fans.

The fans in that section, where Heather and Andrew were sitting, did everything they could to help find the ring. As Mr. Steinbrenner would always say, the greatest fans in the world are Yankee fans. That that night they proved it.

I was the first person to interview them for my radio show. A nice story, not your usual cheasie story that you find in page 3 in most papers. I also found Heather and Andrew to be two very nice and decent people.

I told them that I was going to air the interview on my radio show called Impact which airs every Wednesday at 6 PM and on WPAT930AM.com or WPAT 930 on the AM dial. My producers were very excited about the interview because the story was really going viral. They were all set to play it very big. Just before the show a funny thing happened,

Andrew called me and he told me that Ellen DeGeneres wanted to fly them to LA to do her show and give many gifts, as a wedding present. However, it would only happen if Ellen has the exclusive. Andrew explain this to me and I could hear the panic in his voice. I told him that I would hold off until after the Ellen show. I told my producers of my agreement with Andrew. They told me, no let’s play it on right now. I told them that I gave him my word and won’t be a part of some sleazy nonsense.

Last night, I had Andrew and Heather on the show and we talked about the wonderful excitement that these two kids are going through. I must add that while watching the Ellen show, I was so happy to see that the Yankees sent some very nice gifts for them and they are going to bring Andrew and Heather to the stadium next season as their guests. As usual very classy.

As the Boss would say, more Yankee magic!

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